Pro Nitro


Pro Nitro is a unique new seed coat technology
Improved seeding results, guaranteed!

  • Faster & more uniform establishment
    • Up to 34% more plants
    • Up to 30% increase in root growth
    • Improved stress tolerance
    • Increased wear tolerance
    • Targeted nutrient application, reduces losses to the environment
  • Reduced costs
    • Reduced Poa annua and weed levels
    • Replaces seedbed fertiliser
    • Quick release nitrogen
    • Controlled release nitrogen
    • Labour saving and cost effective
    • No need to increase sowing rates

Environmentally friendly, labour saving and cost effective.

Our world is changing quickly, customers are always looking for the best solutions and high quality grass seed products. However they are also looking to reduce inputs of herbicides, fertilisers and water to preserve our environment.

The nitrogen uptake with ProNitro is up to four times more efficient compared to broadcast applied ordinary fertilisers.

ProNitro replaces the need for traditional pre seed fertilisers and can decrease leaching by upto 50%

“The ProNitro® gave a more dense, stronger growth than the control with good root development. The sward had better colour and definitely established much faster across the wicket, including the difficult bowling and batting foot holes”. “The ProNitro® is a cost effective way of maximising a dense grass cover over a shorter period of time and saves the time and cost of applying fertiliser”. “The ProNitro® seed also kept better colour for several weeks longer than the control”.

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