GKB Drainmaster arrives at PDS

Drainmaster PDS

Phil Day Sports is delighted to announce the arrival of the GKB Drainmaster to our existing specialist equipment and machinery.

If you have a sports pitch or golf course where water is an issue, we can provide you with the ultimate machine to tackle these problems. The Drainmaster is specifically designed to improve and accelerate the drainage of surface water.
The Drainmaster cuts two or three trenches of 4 cm width at 0.5m or 1m centres which are positioned perpendicular to the existing underlying drainage. The removed soil will immediately be disposed by means of conveyer belts. Additionally, you can re-use the removed soil as top dressing if required.
The trenches are filled with drainage sand to the operating depth of up to 23 cm during the same operation. The wheels of the Drainmaster will press the drainage sand into the trenches. The grass will grow on the trenches within a number of weeks.


  • Reduction in labour costs
  • Re-use of spoil
  • Immediate use
  • Improves playing capacity
  • Faster surface drainage