Excel MAXI Energise 14-6-8+2MGO

Standard granules for for fairways, pitches and outfields.

Ideal spring/summer + Magnesium for extra colour
Enhances tillering & hard wearing turf
Use of tees/fairways/sports fields/outfield/race course
S/S on lawns


  • Granule Size (mm): 2.5-4.5mm
  • Application Rate (gm/m2): 25
  • Applied Nutrient Levels (kg/ha): No
  • Bag Coverage (m2): 800/m2


£15.95 ex VAT

£19.14 inc VAT

VAT Rate: 20%

Additional Information

Weight 20 kg

Excel MAXI Energise 14-6-8+2MGO:

Total N: 14
N-NH4: 12.2
N-Urea: 1.8
N-MU: No
Total P2O2: 6
Total K2O: 8
MgO: 2
FE: No