Aeration and Decompaction

Aeration, decompaction and improved drainage. We are constantly investing in the latest techniques and methods for fine turf and outfields.

Over time, regular use of playing sports pitches and golf courses can lead to compacted surfaces. Decompaction relieves compacted soil, giving root zones the space they need, improving aeration and helping alleviate surface drainage issues.

We use a variety of equipment to suit clients needs, our current machinery list includes:

  • Imants Shockwave
  • Vertidrains 7516
  • Vertidrains 7626
  • Weidermann
  • Blec Multivator
  • Air 2g2
  • Verti-Core 1700
  • Multicore aerator

This process also reduces thatch build-up and aids drainage, creating a healthy environment that encourages root development and improves nutrient uptake

aeration and decompaction
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aeration and decompaction

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