Winter Sports Pitch Renovation Checklist

(Price on application, renovations are subject to location)

  • Surface Removal, Fraise Mow or Scarification

    Removal of thatch and organic matter and provide a key for new topdressing and grass seed. Read more

  • Aeration

    Deep aeration, using a Verti-drain fitted with solid tines, or a Shockwave linear de-compactor. Read More

  • Overseeding

    Overseed with a sports turf seed drill to accurately apply perennial rye grass. Read more

  • Topdress & Drag Mat

    Replenish surface levels, encourage root and shoot growth, cover seed providing insulation and maximise germination. Read More

  • Fertilise

    Application of pre-seeder fertiliser to the pitch using a specialist spreader to ensure accuracy. Read more

We also offer:

  • BLEC Multivator (aerates & re-cycles soil as topdressing). Read More
  • Broad leaf weed control. Read More

  • Cricket pitchcare