PDS have expertise and experience in designing, installing and maintaining irrigation systems for golf, bowling greens, winter sports, race courses, sports and landscape applications.

An irrigation system is essential for:

  • Establishing the sward
  • Formation of the soil
  • Keep the strength of the soil
  • Maintaining a natural grass in drought conditions
  • Reduction in ongoing labour costs
  • Speed & quality of turf

Sports pitch irrigation
With prolonged periods of dry weather, sportsfields can become increasingly difficult to play on. In addition, summer seeding or turfing requires regular watering to ensure its successful establishment.

Fully automated sports irrigation
A fully automated sports irrigation system will consist of a water storage tank and pump; control systems; pipework around the pitch and pop-up sprinklers mounted either around the perimeter of the pitch, or placed at intervals across the pitch with turf caps to fully hide the sprinklers from view.

Travelling sprinklers
For clubs and schools on a smaller budget, a travelling sprinkler can be used to water single or multiple pitches. The system includes a water storage tank and pump; pipework to each pitch and a single travelling sprinkler.

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