Land Drainage

Land drainage helps to ensure the maximum use of a playing surface throughout the year.

Primary land drainage
A well-designed drainage system enables play to continue all year round in all but the most extreme conditions and provides a more consistent playing surface. Our specialist land drainage machinery and techniques avoid the upheaval caused by more traditional methods and mean that your facility need not be closed for a prolonged time while the work is undertaken. Land drainage operations can then take place at the optimum time.

Sand banding
A solution to compacted soils and poorly draining root zones, sand banding de-compacts the ground and improves drainage. Surface disturbance is minimal, and play can continue almost immediately after normal maintenance. Sand bands are installed with the new Vibra Sand Master slit drainage machine which creates highly effective and perfectly filled continuous sand bands – vastly improving drainage and enabling play even after wet weather. The continuous sand bands are at 26cm centres and 150mm deep.

Secondary Land Drainage
Gravel Slitting

This system incorporates a network of drainage slits into the upper soil structure. These are closely spaced allowing the surface water to permeate much faster into the primary drainage system below. We excavate and install a network of gravel slits at an angle to the primary drainage system. The slits can be at 1 metre or 2 metre spacing. Each slit is 50mm wide and 250mm deep. The slits are back filled with clean gravel to within 150mm of the surface and topped with free draining sand or specified rootzone material.

Drainmaster Sand Slitting (Same Specification as ‘Koro Top Drain’)
If you have a sports pitch or golf course where water is an issue, we can provide you with the ultimate machine to tackle these problems. The Drainmaster is specifically designed to improve and accelerate the drainage of surface water.
The Drainmaster cuts two or three trenches of 4 cm width at 0.5m or 1m centres which are positioned perpendicular to the existing underlying drainage. The removed soil is deposited by means of conveyer belts into trailers or dumpers for disposal on or off site.
The trenches are filled with drainage sand to the operating depth of up to 23 cm during the same operation. The wheels of the Drainmaster will press the drainage sand into the trenches. This system can be installed at construction stage, or as a ‘retro fit’ to an existing primary (piped) drainage system.

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