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Avg recommended rate: 52.5 g/m² Calc bulk density (kg/m³): 903 - 998 Granule size (mm): 0.5-3.35 Longevity: 6 weeks Product dispersal: 4-5 days Recommended rate: 35.00 - 70.00 g/m² Turf response: 7 days

Everris Sportsmaster 4-12-12 Autumn is a conventional NPK fertilizer which is also equipped with Everris’ patented Poly-S coating technology.

It’s perfect for pre-stress conditioning turf or for use at the end of the summer. The fertilizer ensures proper root growth before the winter season arrives. This helps to harden the turf for the upcoming wear and tear of winter months.

Its other features include:

  • Perfect for pre-stress conditioning or at the end of the summer
  • Helps to deliver correct root growth prior to winter
  • Hardens the turf for winter’s wear and tear
Everris Sportsmaster 4-12-12 Autumn