Worcester City Council – Cinderella Ground

Final preparation for play

Worcester City Council – Cinderella Ground

PDS were commissioned by Worcester City Council to restore the historic Cinderella Ground
Works included:
Site clearance
Spray off the site
Sward desiccation
Topsoil strip

Level adjustments
· Grade exposed subsoil to form new pitch and cricket outfield platforms
· Subsoil cultivate graded platform and trim the surface
· Confirm formation is suitable for topsoil spreading
· Replace preserved topsoil over graded platform and associated embankments to a minimum consolidated depth of 180 mm

Drainage system
· Install pipe drainage system comprising 80 mm diameter lateral drains at 5 m centres connecting to 150 mm diameter main drains
· Install main carrier drainage system and associated chambers

Cultivation and seedbed preparation
· Cultivations to relieve compaction
· Remove stones greater than 25 mm during the cultivation work
· Trim the surface to levels and tolerances
· Sand amelioration – supply and spread medium fine sand layer then incorporate into top rootzone
· Install Koro Top Drain sand bands
· Final seed bed preparation

Grass seeding / platforms
· Apply pre-seeding fertiliser
· Supply and sow grass seed selected from Table S1 of the STRI/BSBP Turfgrass Seed booklet

Construct a cricket square with dimensions of 33.00 m by 23.00m, at the centre of the cricket outfield area
Install pipe drainage – ring drain
Install geotextile membrane
100mm deep 2/6mm gravel layer
100mm deep indigenous topsoil
100mm depth of approved cricket loam
PDS used a laser grader for achieving final levels
Final seed bed preparation
Apply pre-seeding fertiliser
Supply and sow cricket square grass seed